Partner Products

Partner Products

As you move through life you find products and services that you just have to have!! Here at Skipkenny BBQ we are no different. We like to let you know our favorite products and services that we cannot do without here on our Partner Product Page. Take a look a this page for the next product or service you cannot do without!! Not only do we love these products and services, but we use them as well. So you take your time and look around to find your next favorites!!

Drop the Headache

Go ahead and enjoy that glass of wine with friends and family without the headache. is the only all natural product on the market that reduces both Tannins and Sulfites in wine. is completely portable so just add a few drops to your favorite glass or bottle of red, white or sparkling wine for a more enjoyable experience. Visit and use coupon code skipkenny10 for a 10% discount at checkout.

360 Cookware

360 Cookware is unlike any cookware you’ve ever experienced. This energy efficient cooking system moves beyond traditional cooking and captures the magic of Vapor® Technology to heat your food quicker, at lower temperatures and without added fat or excess water, ensuring recipes stay nutritious, flavorful and appetizing. Vapor Technology creates fast, even heat that gently surrounds your healthy recipes, from vegetables and meats to grains and baked goods. The lids are specially designed to create a Vapor® Seal that captures heat and keeps it moving around your food, not escaping out the sides. Visit

Kathryn Raaker, "The Chef You and I" TV Program

Hi, I am Kathryn Raaker, host of The Chef You and I, TV program. Each week I have the chance to work in all kinds of kitchens including my own. From main street restaurants to neighborhood homes, I talk and cook with some of the “kitchen warriors” around. Sometimes I bring you into my kitchen to share what I’ve learned about cooking and eating healthy. Cooking healthy is what our show is all about, but the main goal is to entertain you with new ideas, recipes and ways to serve food that is good for your body (and soul!). OUR SHOW IS NOW FEATURED ON COMCAST, SPECTRUM, ROKU, HULU, MOST DIGITAL DEVICES, AND YOUTUBE. Visit


SimulTV currently broadcasts more than 100 live channels worldwide with up to 4K quality. Monthly subscribers have 24-hour stay-at-home or on-the-go television and entertainment featuring thousands of movies and Videos On-Demand, and popular content from news to fashion on networks such as Sony Movie Channel, GetTV, Bloomberg News, NewsNet, SportsLiveTV, live concerts at the AXSTV channel, and for the kids, we have Kid Central and Kartoon Circus. Visit