About Us

Skipkenny BBQ

Our story begins with good friends by the BBQ Pit every weekend experimenting with sauces and dry rubs for meats, seafood and veggies. After many hours of good times, Skipkenny BBQ was formed as a Texas Company in 2012. Our product line began with our Award Winning Whiskey BBQ Sauce and has grown to three BBQ sauces, two marinades including a mustard and a Texas BBQ Rub!!

Oh, the name you ask?

Well, during friendly card games at our BBQ gatherings, one player (Kenny) would take home a win every time. During one game, UNO I think it was, the skip card that would keep a player from playing a hand began to pile up for Kenny. Each player would say, "this is a skip Kenny card". From that moment on Skipkenny BBQ was a keeper!!

Our products, Whiskey BBQ Sauce started it all!

Our products are produced with the highest quality ingredients as real whiskey and real habanero instead extracts or flavorings. Our sweetness comes from honey and brown sugar which means no corn syrup!!