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SKIPKENNY BBQ Skipkenny BBQ Whiskey BBQ Sauce

With friends by the BBQ Pit, and a so called friendly game of cards, Skipkenny BBQ Whiskey BBQ Sauce was created. A one of a kind Texas BBQ Sauce with a unique blend of sweetness and spice, and of course a Texas sized Whiskey Punch!!! Here in the hill country of Texas, Skipkenny BBQ continues to satisfy our customers by using real 100% Whiskey in our recipe. It is the mission of Skipkenny BBQ to produce the highest quality Whiskey BBQ Sauce at the right price. Now you to can enjoy this one of a kind Texas BBQ Sauce  at your next gathering with friends by the BBQ Pit!!! So pick up some Skipkenny BBQ Whiskey BBQ Sauce and let the games begin. You'll Love Our Sauce!!!