1 LB ground beef 2 TBSP Texas BBQ Rub 1/4 cup of Skipkenny Beef Marinade 1. Place ground beef in a bowl and mix in Texas BBQ Rub and Skipkenny Beef Marinade. 2. Form into patties. (We do 3 big patties!) 3. Place burgers on the grill. (We like charcoal […]

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Pork Ribs

1/4 C Texas BBQ Rub 1 rack of pork ribs (spare or baby back) 1 bottle of Your Favorite SkipKenny BBQ Sauce 1. Remove membrane from underside of ribs. 2. Rub ribs with Texas BBQ Rub. Top and bottom. 3. Place ribs on smoker at 300 degrees. 4. Smoke for […]

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BBQ Chicken Thighs

1/2 Cups of Texas BBQ Rub 10 Chicken Thighs 2 Bottles of Your Favorite SkipKenny BBQ Sauce Rinse chicken under cold water and pat dry Rub chicken with Texas BBQ Rub Place chicken on grill (charcoal is our choice) Brush chicken with your favorite Skipkenny BBQ sauce Grill until meat […]

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Smoked Brisket

One of our Skipkenny Brisket Kits One Brisket (About 12 lbs) 2 tbsp per pound of Beef Marinade 1 cup of Mustard Marinade 1 cup of Texas BBQ Rub Trim fat from Brisket (We like to leave about a ¼ inch) Inject brisket with beef marinade Coat top and bottom […]

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